The Ross Oscar Knight Photography Workshop

It was truly an honor to attend the photography workshop of International Wedding Photographer Ross Oscar Knight in Atlanta, Georgia. I have followed his work since day one of starting out in photography. My friend Elana, who happens to be a wedding planner, recommended I follow his Facebook page.  Attending this workshop was such a great experience. I was able to learn and hear firsthand from one of the best photographers in the industry.  I had searched long and hard for a good photography workshop and my decision ended up being more rewarding than I had expected. My main goal was to listen and soak in as much information as possible. Photography is an art form that is always evolving; there is never a moment where you should stop learning. Growth is a continual process in this business and I knew this workshop would be a great opportunity to go to the next level.  I enjoyed listening to Ross Oscar Knight’s perspective and approach towards photography.  Every aspect of this workshop, from the classroom session to the photo session we had with a lovely married couple, was nothing short of perfection. Knight’s purpose is to “Build Community Through Photography” ™.  I truly believe this goal has been met and will continue to grow each and every year. Oscar Knight and his team did an outstanding job in organizing this workshop.  Take a look at some of my images from my journey during the workshop and the photo shoot we had near the studio in Atlanta. Enjoy!


workshop,knightworkshop,rossoscarknightPin SITE IMAGE________

workshop,knightworkshop,rossoscarknightPin SITE IMAGE________

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workshop,knightworkshop,rossoscarknightPin SITE IMAGE________

                                      One of my favorite fine art pieces in the Ross Oscar Knight Studio. 

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We had a chance to photograph Ross Oscar Knight after the photo shoot. It was a great way to end the workshop!


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